Sundance Film Festival brings incredible talent, majestic mountains and Airbnb Haus. Inside the “Haus” people enjoyed a bright comfortable space where they could grab a coffee, get creative and make #OneLessStranger.  We worked collaboratively through many ideas to create a stop motion, message-based visual experience that visitors were excited to create and motivated to post socially.

comic-Con 2016

This year one of our notable Comic Con jobs was with National Geographic.  The goal was create a fun experience focusing on their Mars mini-series.

They offered inspiring creative direction and we came back with a shot that created the illusion that event attendees were standing on the surface of Mars - They needed something out of this world.  Get it?

Here's how we did it. Attendees stood against a green screen background and saw the illusion on a live view screen. An on-site photographer helped guests understand the shot and play a bit. Final output was 4x6 branded prints and social media sharing for each guests “trip” to Mars.


The Booth was brought in to consult and implement on a video activation for ESPN at Time Warner Studios, the Pre-NJ/NY Superbowl 6-day activation.  Visitors entered an exact replica of SportsCenter and were invited to do a mock interview.  We captured 200+ interviews per day, quick-editing with intro- and outros and uploading final cuts into a building-wide RFID program.  Within minutes, guests had their videos on social media and in their inbox.


We were honored in every way when we were approached by two of the most important organizations in photography, Instagram and The Aperture Foundation. Instagram, as the foundations's gala sponsor, worked with a designer to create a set that utilized a real truck bed and re­creation of an open road out west. The Booth was brought in to make the set photo ready, using studio light to match the open road feel, and help guests pose next to, on and in it using their Instagram accounts.


The look: rocker­ vibe photo studio. The party: the Billboard Grammy's after party. The challenge: integrate the sponsor Samsung and their new­to­market Galaxy tablets into our workflow and push out a co­branded image. Through research and testing, we developed a software solution where we could transfer our capabilities to a non­native operating system. We created a user-friendly process, trained 6 non-technical brand ambassadors and delivered a branded experience that highlighted both Samsung and Billboard.

Comic-con 2015

Comic-Con is epic. To get noticed at an event with 130,000 visitors over 4 days requires an epic activation. We worked with our client to produce a multi­camera setup around a 150 foot free­fall ride to capture the expressions of screaming riders as they whooshed by at 50 mph. The photos were instantly branded and ready to be socialized from social media kiosks as soon as riders could peal themselves from their seat.