What is The Booth?

Laura: We are a photo booth with strategy - visual activation specialists.

How did you get started?

Laura: We started The Booth when Ian received the request: give me Avedon-meets-photo booth. Translation: Studio quality photos with the spontaneous spirit of a photo booth.

We developed the idea until it was perfect. In the end, we had a mobile photo studio with high-level production value, an engaging atmosphere, and a clean look that could work across multiple events and client types. It was an immediate hit. We were bringing professional level imagery to the photo booth market.

Ian: Private parties love us because of the studio-quality photos clients get of their family and guests.  We take our capabilities further for brands looking to create a visual activation. From moving images across social media channels or an Instagram wall, to capturing a brand’s community’s interest we love to be pushed creatively by our clients. We know life doesn’t always happen in front of a white background and enjoy working with brands on innovative visual content and intriguing social strategies.

How does The Booth work?

L: The Booth is a full-service studio. We start with a client’s idea and get to work on nailing down creative goals, social media strategies, and an execution plan - we consider how we can help with their visual marketing strategy. We also have robust operations in place. Our client’s don’t have to worry about equipment, travel, staffing or supplies. From an idea sketched out on a napkin to a final glossy, we support our client through the whole production.

I: From projecting live Instagram walls to creating bold visual content for national social media brand campaigns, we take solid, engaging photographs for our clients and make those images soar with social media. The Booth creates and utilizes imagery that gets results.

Why do clients keep coming back to The Booth?

I: Social clients come back because the photos are great and their guests have fun. Corporate clients return because not only do we deliver a good photograph, we also deliver a great experience. Whether working on a fashion night out event for Vera Wang or a wedding in Manhattan, agencies and planners feel good about trusting their clients to The Booth. We get that events require everything to work perfectly in a short, clearly defined time. Simply put, our client’s don’t have to worry with us. There is a real trust in our talent and execution.

Who is the team behind the booth?

I: I’m the lead creative and technical person at The Booth. I am a portrait photographer with credits in Forbes, The New York Times, and Redbook. I am a fast problem-solver and know what’s going to make a great shot.

L: I drive business development at The Booth. My Master’s Degree is in Fine and Decorative arts and with a career that started at Sotheby’s, I appreciate great art and understand client service at a high level. I’ve developed a curator’s eye when it comes to choosing and marketing creative products for my clients.

What’s something your clients might not know about you?

I: Laura always drinks her morning coffee out of a special yellow mug.

L: Ian thinks that Bobby Fischer should be considered the greatest athlete out of Brooklyn.