Steps forward for the LGBT Community

President Barack Obama proclaims June 2015 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. We are proud to work with companies such as the Anti-violence Project and The Center for Anti-violence education. One thing is for sure, we are all happy to see this progression and will always be supporters. AVP Courage Awards

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Favorite photo booths from around the web

The dogs at the Humane Society of Utah got a huge treat with the help of photographer, Guinivere Shuster.  They found a creative way to show the world how cute and friendly rescues can be, Photo booth style.

We think every shelter should try this. We would be happy to help!

With faces like this, who could say no?




Fashion Week Day 3 - Punk Fashion

Inspired by punk fashion icons like Joey Ramone, today's post reflects the edgy style of punk rock paired with our own images from a photo booth at Last Exit bar in Brooklyn, N.Y. last exit bar 1 Model: Joey Ramone Photographer: Ebet Roberts

last exit bar 2Model: Ehren Dorsey Photographer: Alasdair McLellan

The Booth and Instagram

This has been a lively season for cool, new products from The Booth.
Our newest and coolest is the Insta-Wall-Booth-Gram. Still working on an official name, but what it does is this: Guests go to a party, post their Instagram shots from that party and poof! It's on a wall, screen, you name it AT THAT PARTY for everyone to see. You can even get a print to take home.
It's so cool that people are Instagramming our Instagram wall.  See below...

Instagram wall vidalexus new york photo booth

Instagram wall vidalexus new york photo booth

Instagram wall vidalexus new york city photo booth

Oh, and did you hear about our new GifBooth?

.Gif photo booth new york the alley nyc