Projection mapping - this is way too cool

Projection mapping, sometimes also called 3D video mapping, may seem like a fairly new creation but it's actually been around since the early 70s. Projection mapping was first seen at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride as it was used to create realistic ghostly figures that would sing, talk and interact with guests on the ride. At this time it was actually called Spatial Augmented Reality and the name projection mapping didn't come into play until this decade. In the past 30 years since its invention, projection mapping has gone from simple talking heads on a Disneyland ride to massive, multi-million dollar displays for major companies like Chevrolet, Hugo Boss, Sports Illustrated, Gillette and Target. Check out this video from Klip Collective from 2012 as Gillette celebrated the US Olympic team with three nights of displays around Boston.

Incredible, right?!

Or how about this building projection mapping show from Ralph Lauren in celebration of 10 years of digital innovation for its website:

Amazing. A simple Google search will keep you occupied for hours as more and more companies turn to projection mapping as a way to celebrate milestones, festivals or simply as a means to advertise. Found a cool video you can't stop watching? Leave a comment with a link, we would love to see what you find on projection mapping!