The Booth is at the Airbnb Haus in Park City

You might have noticed:  we have not updated our blog post, told you about our new photo booth projects in New York and beyond or brought you in on cool photo things around the world. Well, we're back and we have something to share.  The Booth did a super custom stop-motion photo booth for Airbnb at the Sundance Film Festival. Check out the blog post to see the creative fun that helped each visitor leave with #onelessstranger.

The Booth's custom photo booth is featured on Airbnb's blog.
The Booth's custom photo booth is featured on Airbnb's blog.

Mugshot Photo Booth

Want a free headshot? Just get arrested in Santa Barbara, California to be featured in their exclusive mugshot headshot booth! What makes the pictures so good compared to all other mugshots we've seen? The police department rigged 3 long fluorescent bulbs similar to a Kino Flo to create soft, full lighting on both sides of the subject. Using a Canon DSLR doesn't help either! mug shot photo booth santa barbara mugshot photo booth santa barbara

Photo Booth History

Today's historical post features a mysterious man that was in a photo booth picture for roughly 30 years of his adult life. To date, more than 450 of these pocket-sized images have resurfaced and are in the possession of museums, historians and antique collectors around the world. The images are believed to start in the 1930's and although many have tried, no one has yet to identify this photo booth fanatic. Photo Booth man his whole life

Fashion Week Day 3 - Punk Fashion

Inspired by punk fashion icons like Joey Ramone, today's post reflects the edgy style of punk rock paired with our own images from a photo booth at Last Exit bar in Brooklyn, N.Y. last exit bar 1 Model: Joey Ramone Photographer: Ebet Roberts

last exit bar 2Model: Ehren Dorsey Photographer: Alasdair McLellan

The Booth makes it on the Nat Geo blog!

National Geographic commissioned us to create a light painting photo booth.  The photos were really fun and what a thrill to have our photos published on the National Geographic blog! Click on the image below to get to the blog post:

Nat Geo Your Shot Blog post light photo booth activation

Bringing creativity to the event world

Last week we were at the 2013 BizBash IdeaFest in New York. One of our favorite displays at the event came from Chemistry Creative, a super innovative and smart event production company. They used Legos to demonstrate a few of their capabilities, including projection mapping at the festival. Check them out below:

Chemistry Creative BizBash New York Photo Booth

The Booth and Instagram

This has been a lively season for cool, new products from The Booth.
Our newest and coolest is the Insta-Wall-Booth-Gram. Still working on an official name, but what it does is this: Guests go to a party, post their Instagram shots from that party and poof! It's on a wall, screen, you name it AT THAT PARTY for everyone to see. You can even get a print to take home.
It's so cool that people are Instagramming our Instagram wall.  See below...

Instagram wall vidalexus new york photo booth

Instagram wall vidalexus new york photo booth

Instagram wall vidalexus new york city photo booth

Oh, and did you hear about our new GifBooth?

.Gif photo booth new york the alley nyc

Going Gif crazy in The Booth at Alley NYC

Last week, The Booth came to The Alley NYC, a communal workspace in Midtown Manhattan, to help celebrate its 1 year anniversary party. This time we spiced things up a bit with a custom black & white gif booth! Check out a few of our favorites from the night: Alley NYC .Gifs The Booth Photo video moving hands

Alley NYC .Gifs The Booth Photo video group moving

Alley NYC .Gifs The Booth Photo video pigeon head

Want to see more? Check out our Tumblr page with all of the gifs from the night!

Love taking photos with your phone? Check this out!

As smartphone cameras improve, so do the number of people replacing them with their old, bulky digital cameras. Now you don't have to sacrifice too much thanks to photo websites like Photojojo! The Photojojo store is packed with awesome gear to get the best shot out of your smartphone. Tack on a fisheye, wide/macro or telephoto lens to your smartphone for a unique shot. Set up a smartphone tripod with a cable release for a selfie like no other. Attach a spotlight lens through a headphone jack to get that model feel to your photo. The list goes on of amazing products they offer to help turn your smartphone into your go-to shooting tool. To check it out, click on the image below!

Photo Booth Photojojo website

Projection mapping - this is way too cool

Projection mapping, sometimes also called 3D video mapping, may seem like a fairly new creation but it's actually been around since the early 70s. Projection mapping was first seen at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride as it was used to create realistic ghostly figures that would sing, talk and interact with guests on the ride. At this time it was actually called Spatial Augmented Reality and the name projection mapping didn't come into play until this decade. In the past 30 years since its invention, projection mapping has gone from simple talking heads on a Disneyland ride to massive, multi-million dollar displays for major companies like Chevrolet, Hugo Boss, Sports Illustrated, Gillette and Target. Check out this video from Klip Collective from 2012 as Gillette celebrated the US Olympic team with three nights of displays around Boston.

Incredible, right?!

Or how about this building projection mapping show from Ralph Lauren in celebration of 10 years of digital innovation for its website:

Amazing. A simple Google search will keep you occupied for hours as more and more companies turn to projection mapping as a way to celebrate milestones, festivals or simply as a means to advertise. Found a cool video you can't stop watching? Leave a comment with a link, we would love to see what you find on projection mapping!

A straight to social video booth

On Tuesday, The Booth was in New York City at Plannertech, a technology conference and showcase for event planners presented by Liz King Events. We wanted to capture the event in a video booth, but in a different way this time... In spirit of the technology centered event, we decided to create a straight to social video booth that was shared directly to the event Facebook page using a video sharing app. We asked attendees to talk about their companies, themselves and what brings them to Plannertech. Some even shared what they are experts in, what they like to do outside of work and some deep, dark confessions.

Check out Liz King Event's Facebook page and some of the videos by clicking on the link below:

Liz King Events Facebook page from Plannertech withe the Photo Booth

The Booth and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

The Booth was recently selected for the NYC  Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.  It was exciting, hard, demanding and rewarding and we were so grateful for everything we learned in the 14-week practical business training program. We were honored to make this video with them.  Thanks to Cohort 8, advisors and staff for an amazing experience.