Your Next Backdrop: Why Choose One Color When You Can Do So Much More!

A well lit subject and background will always look stunning if photographed correctly. We admire the simplicity of a stark white or an vivid backdrop to add an extra pop of color.

In the recent years, our team along with event planners and designers have collaborated to create custom backgrounds for one-of-a-kind events. Adding a few creative elements made for a more memorable experience and certainly complimented the surrounding décor.

Whether, it's designing an entire custom backdrop, adding a few elements to a current backdrop, or ditching it all together! There are many ways to tie in a theme and create a buzz among guests.

Our Sky Blue Backdrop spruced up by a local florist.

Our Sky Blue Backdrop spruced up by a local florist.

A simple walk through reveal a perfect floral arrangement for a background.

A simple walk through reveal a perfect floral arrangement for a background.

Grey Logo. Silver Freight Elevator. Easy Decision.

Grey Logo. Silver Freight Elevator. Easy Decision.

Chalk Board Wall? Yes, please and thank you!

Chalk Board Wall? Yes, please and thank you!

Valentine's Day: Ingrid Michaelson unveils 'Little Romance' music video with a Cameo from The Booth!

Ingrid Michaelson's music video "Little Romance" features 41 couples who have been married over 50 years. Invited to a special sweetheart dance, they gather for a real party to celebrate and renew their wedding vows at New York's Cipriani 25 Broadway.

The Booth had the honor of working with The Today Show, The Knot, Bespoke Moments, and Ira Lippke Studios on an extraordinary day for all the special guests of honor.

We set up our pop-up studio for couples to come in and recreate their original wedding portrait. Our very own Ian Londin along with our setup made a cameo in the music video. (1:05 mark)

Here's a frame in case you missed it

Here's a frame in case you missed it

Photo by Ira Lippke 

Photo by Ira Lippke 

A special thank you to Amanda Savory from Bespoke Moments and Ira Lippke and Alyson Redding from Ira Lippke Studios

Nadav Kander’s masterful portraits of sports icon David Beckham

Last month, London-based photographer, Nadav Kander was commissioned to photograph sports and fashion icon David Beckham. Does this concept look familiar? 

The Booth created the GIF/photo Strip in late October. By simultaneously triggering four cameras, our custom software created the files below. Nadav had a similar idea with his portraits of Beckham, great minds think alike!

David Beckham. Photo by Nadav Kander.

David Beckham. Photo by Nadav Kander.

David Beckham. Photo by Nadav Kander.

David Beckham. Photo by Nadav Kander.

October 2015. Photos by The Booth Photo & Video

October 2015. Photos by The Booth Photo & Video

A Homeless Artist Finds Recognition With The Help Of A Bus Station Photobooths

Lee Godie was a homeless artist who found her passion in 1968. At around 60 years old, after attending an Impressionism exhibition, Godie declared herself a French Impressionist. 

She began painting and selling her portraits of high society women until 1990. Godie discovered a photo booth at the Greyhound Bus Stop in Chicago. There she would take self-portrait glam shots and add color to the 5x4 gelatin silver black and white prints. By using lipstick and instant ice tea she was able to create her own unique style. 

Lee Godie's Self-portrait collection continues at John Michael Kohler Arts Center (608 New York Avenue, Sheboygan, WI) through February 8, 2016.


Philippe Halsman inspires The Booth

Philippe Halsman was an American Portrait photographer. He was known for his images that were sharp rather than in soft focus and closely cropped.

We were inspired by what Halsman called Jumpology. He commented, "When you ask a person to jump, their attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears.”

We couldn't agree more!

Marilyn Monroe by Philippe Halsman 

Marilyn Monroe by Philippe Halsman 

William Holden by Philippe Halsman

William Holden by Philippe Halsman

Our guests in sync!

Our guests in sync!

Jason's self portrait

Jason's self portrait

The Booth Prepares For Halloween!

With Halloween only a few weeks away, we are excited for all the costume parties coming our way. The costumes get better and better each year. The Booth is on-site to capture all the fun, laughs, and Halloween fear!

What will you surprise us with?

MX_00252 MX_00771 MX_02252

Absolutely Brilliant.

The entire Booth team has a background in professional photography. We had the honor of working with One Medical Group and their amazing team. Originally, our gear was packed with a seamless backdrop but once the silver freight elevator caught the eyes of our team, there was a change of plans. Our team was able to make the adjustments needed and create a custom look using the surroundings, pretty cool right? OM_ 25837 OM_ 25844

The Health Benefits of Photo Booths

According to researchers in Berlin, Germany there are health benefits of using a photo booth. A study found that taking pictures with your friends helps rejuvenate minds and makes people happy. This Booth happiness helps reduce stress levels which is absolutely necessary for a healthy mind and body. Read more at As you can tell, The Booth and our guests knew this all along!

Wilton_12-11-11 0365 copy



nyc photo booth




Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go check out our GIF Booth.

Once in The Booth, we guarantee you'll want to take more than one photo. Let's make it a GIF Booth!

1. Step into our GIF Booth.

2. Bust a move as we snap a series of photos.

3. Leave with an animated GIF you and your friends will love!

Pretty easy right? Check out some fun GIFs below.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Stirs A Flashback at The Booth.

Starting on Monday, The Metropolitan Museum of Art will exhibit 100 Years Of Portrait Photography In West Africa. Works of Seydou Keïta of Mali, J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere of Nigeria, and Malian photographer Malick Sidibé will be displayed. Flashback Friday! Last Fall, The Booth had the honor of joining The Africa Center to recreate historical photographs from West Africa. We can't wait for the next inspired Photo Booth project! See a few of our recreations (right) along with the originals (left) below.

Africa Center 3 Africa Center 2 Africa Center 1

Richard Avedon in Photo Booth History.

The modern concept of the Photo Booth originated 90 years ago by Anatol Josepho. After his arrival from Russia in 1923, Josepho successfully showcased the first Photo Booth in 1925 on Broadway, New York City. Within the first 6 months more than 280,000 people used the popular photo booth.

As a team favorite, we were happy to learn about Richard Avedon's use of the photo booth. In 1957, Esquire magazine delivered one of Mutascope’s art deco booths to Avedon’s New York studio.

According to the article, Avedon ‘has long asserted that true photographic talent cannot be restrained by a camera’s technical limitations.’ The Esquire editors picked celebrities and challenged Avedon to produce photographs. The resulting photomatic essay is stunning, including images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Truman Capote and Ethel Merman.” – From ‘A History of the Photobooth’,





Painting. In The Booth. With Lights!

Light painting was created by pioneer Gjon Mili, who shot a series of experimental light painting photos of a violinist in 1952. With a long exposure and by attaching a light to the Violinist's bow, Mili captured the image below.


Photographer Stephen Orlando's recent light painting with music is absolutely stunning. By attaching LED lights to the bows of violin, viola, and cello players, Orlando is able to capture a creative representation of the sounds created by musicians. A great article on



Inspiration for our next music industry client has been found! Check out some images from our past Light Painting Photo Booths.





The Booth Feels The Heat At Univision's DJ@PJ

Our videographers and technicians certainly felt the heat in Miami a few weeks ago. We were honored to join Univision at the Miami Surfcomber Hotel for DJ@PJ, an event where top DJ's battle for a chance to spin at the 12th Annual Premios Juventud Awards. The theme was a perfect fit for our Cinemagraph Booth (customized with a professional DJ Console!) All the guests shared their new files and excitement through our social media station. We give a big thanks to the Univision team and our Miami team for all their hard work.

A Screaming Awesome Photo Booth!

Last week, we took our New York Photo Booth skills to San Diego and created a custom setup for the Scream Queens ride at Comic-Con. With six DSLRs stationed 20 feet up in the air, we captured fans screaming as they dropped 120 feet! As guests exit the ride, they were able to visit our social media station to view and share their exciting new photos.


An Impressive Camera For A 9 Year Mission.

NASA’s New Horizons probe finally reached Pluto and its dwarf moon, Charon. After traveling 9 years and 3.6 billion miles, New Horizons took hundreds of images on Tuesday morning. With three cameras on board, the most impressive is "Ralph." A camera equipped with a 75mm lens at f/8.7, capable of capturing visible light and some infrared light. As New Horizons traveled away from the sun, temperatures drop causing materials to shrink. Lisa Hardaway, an engineer at Ball Aerospace in Colorado knew "Ralph" would have to be built almost entirely of one type of material.

“We actually built the mirrors and the chassis out of aluminum so that as they shrink, they would shrink together, to maintain the same focal length. We could do a reasonable test on Earth and still expect the same quality image,” Hardaway says.

Even the camera’s mirrors were made out of aluminum. To turn dull aluminum into mirrors, Ball sharpened it with diamonds. The lens was one of the few pieces of the camera that could be safely made out of glass.

A huge mission. An impressive camera. One set of historic photographs.


Let the Madness Continue!

The Booth wishes you luck with your NCAA Tournament Bracket! May it be a very Sweet 16!


The Booth office standings

-Andres is out of luck picking Maryland as the final winner, but still in the lead with 450 points.

-Barbara picked University of North Carolina as the final winner.

-Chessa is looking great with Kentucky as the final winner with 340 points, so far.

-Ian picked Wisconsin as the final winner.  So far he has 400 points.


Either way, we're all excited for tomorrow's games!