The Paparazzi Photo Booth Makes Its Debut:

The Booth attends a lot of parties, and we have quite a few guests (especially kids in the mitzvah crowd), who see us almost every weekend. We think that these four may have been suffering from paparazzi syndrome: ' please stop--too many flashes!!'


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Celebrate with the NYC Photo Booth

The Booth was super excited to attend Chrissy's Birthday Party a few weeks ago-- catered by the master Chef Roble. The props were pretty outrageous, but the guests ran with it and a great time was had by all. Super-star staff member Chessa even got to meet her favorite musician Quest Love from The Roots. We are really looking forward to watching Chrissy and John on Bravo soon!

We Do + The Booth + City Winery + Lucy Music in NYC

One more time: We Do + The Booth + City Winery + Lucy Music = an event with the best, brightest, and most fabulous wedding industry people in NYC. If you didn't make it last Wednesday, we hope that these Booth photos make you very, very jealous... and that we'll see you at the next one!