Christmas In August? You bet.

Last night, we had the pleasure of joining Convene for their Christmas in August event. The meet and greet was held at their Park Avenue location, as you can tell, guests kept it really cool in our Cinemagraph Booth. Dancing, disco balls, streamers, the friendly Convene team, and fun-seeking guests created the perfect mix and a night to remember. Check out all the fun below! Rifko Meier of Oysters XO and the Oyster Girls know how to strike a pose!

An Impressive Camera For A 9 Year Mission.

NASA’s New Horizons probe finally reached Pluto and its dwarf moon, Charon. After traveling 9 years and 3.6 billion miles, New Horizons took hundreds of images on Tuesday morning. With three cameras on board, the most impressive is "Ralph." A camera equipped with a 75mm lens at f/8.7, capable of capturing visible light and some infrared light. As New Horizons traveled away from the sun, temperatures drop causing materials to shrink. Lisa Hardaway, an engineer at Ball Aerospace in Colorado knew "Ralph" would have to be built almost entirely of one type of material.

“We actually built the mirrors and the chassis out of aluminum so that as they shrink, they would shrink together, to maintain the same focal length. We could do a reasonable test on Earth and still expect the same quality image,” Hardaway says.

Even the camera’s mirrors were made out of aluminum. To turn dull aluminum into mirrors, Ball sharpened it with diamonds. The lens was one of the few pieces of the camera that could be safely made out of glass.

A huge mission. An impressive camera. One set of historic photographs.


The Photo Booth for Vidal Sassoon in NYC:

Believe it or not, this year is the 50th anniversary of Sassoon's 5 point bob, and, to celebrate Vidal Sassoon salons have been offering specials and givewaways to clients across the country. We participated in the #showyourgenius competition in NYC at the 57th St Store, photographing clients after they received their sharp new cuts. Check out these modern (and now classic) looks:

Vidal Sassoon Photobooth

Vidal Sassoon Photobooth_2

Vidal Sassoon Photobooth_3

The Return of the Flower Girl... Springtime is Almost Here!

With Spring right around the corner, all we can think of here at The Booth are pastels and flowers! Which of course, reminded us of these adorable girls-- hooray for Spring!

Spring Photobooth NYC Wedding Flower Girls